IRONGEAR by AJ Grant News Feed IRONGEAR by AJ Grant Quality made Fencing by A.J Grant, enhancing the look of your property.<p>IRONGEAR by A.J Grant specialize in top of the line, traditional wrought iron&nbsp;fencing, built to last as well as&nbsp;light weight tubular steel options, creating&nbsp;a traditional or modern look while still keeping your budget in mind.&nbsp;</p> <p>A.J Grant can design and custom make to suit your specific requirements. <em>We</em>&nbsp;can design anything from simple and stylish through to elaborate and ornate. To add to your design, spear heads and decorative options&nbsp;can be placed to achieve an elegant effect. All fencing can be powder coated to the colour of your choice.</p> <p>Our fencing is strong and enduring and&nbsp;manufactured to the highest standard.&nbsp;IRONGEAR&nbsp;<em>by A.J Grant&nbsp;</em>manufacture and install fences&nbsp;in Dunedin and the surrounding Otago area. We offer a total package from design to build and installation.</p> <p>A.J Grant also specialise in security&nbsp;fencing, historic recreations as well as&nbsp;bollards.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1524571200 made Fencing by A.J Grant, enhancing the look of your property. Get your Handrail installed by AJ Grant before winter sets in.<p>We are coming into winter and its time to start thinking about a <a href="/pages/13-7/Handrails" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:7">handrail by <em>AJ Grant</em></a> for those slippery stairs and&nbsp;paths before the cold sets in. We a have a wide range of styles starting from the classic galvanised pipe handrail through to an ornate wrought iron style handrail and each style can be powedercoated to the colour of your choice. The handrail can be installed in a position that&nbsp;best suits&nbsp;your needs, giving reassurance to you and your family on those chilly&nbsp;mornings.</p> <p><em>AJ Grant</em> are the experts&nbsp;to speak to&nbsp;when it comes to handrails, come and speak to the team today.</p>1522494000 your Handrail installed by AJ Grant before winter sets in. Magna-Latch -The world's number 1 child safety gate latch<p>Magna-Latch, safety gate latches are the original and still the best magnetic latches on the market. These are the gate latches which IRONGEAR by A.J. Grant use and recommend for securing gates at childcare centres, schools, swimming pools and backyards.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Magna-Latch kits combine the world&#39;s leading magnetic child safety latch with self-closing hinges.<br /> Made from hi-tech engineering polymers and stainless steel componentry, Magna-Latch&nbsp;safety gate latches are unprecedently&nbsp;reliable and are an ideal choice&nbsp;where child safety is important. There are a variety of different Magna-Latch&nbsp;options&nbsp;depending on your requirements.</p>1522148400 -The world's number 1 child safety gate latch Stylish interior Balustrade by A.J Grant<p>A wrought iron balustrade <em>by A.J Grant</em> is an ideal option to add instant style to your entranceway or hallway. Our skilled team at <em>A.J Grant</em>&nbsp;can design and fabricate a custom made balustrade to suit the style of your house. We can follow&nbsp;your personal design or we can design something totally unique,&nbsp;together with your input.</p> <p>A wrought iron balustrade fits well into a traditional or contempory interior and can be of simple design through to&nbsp;something more ornate. We have a range of different style balusters and handrail options,&nbsp;to create for you, an impressive looking balustrade.</p> <p>Our friendly and experienced team are happy to discuss your requirements and offer their expert advice so you can decide which design best suits your interior.</p>1522148400 interior Balustrade by A.J Grant New Zealand made Galvanised Steel Clothelines<p>Purchase a clothesline manufactured by <em>AJ Grant</em> and you will have a clothesline that will last&nbsp;for years. Built to withstand&nbsp;the elements, IRONGEAR by <em>AJ Grant</em> clotheslines are ideal for high wind areas.&nbsp;<em>AJ&nbsp;Grant</em> have been producing clotheslines from their factory since Adam wore shorts.</p> <p>There are three&nbsp;different styles to choose from including the Rotary clothesline (in 3 sizes), the T-post&nbsp;and the Hockey Stick style clothesline. &nbsp;Click here for our&nbsp;<a href="/files/407/file/November-2017-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:19">Clothesline price list</a>. All have been extremely popular over the years and fly out the door.</p> <p>IRONGEAR&nbsp;<em>by AJ Grant</em>&nbsp;clotheslines can be sold and shipped anywhere in New Zealand and can be&nbsp;installed&nbsp;in the greater Dunedin area.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>Contact A.J Grant for expert advice on&nbsp;the best model for your location and purchase one today.</p>1521630000 Zealand made Galvanised Steel Clothelines Handcrafted Wrought Iron Gate with an Equestrian theme.<p>This stunning looking, wrought iron&nbsp;gate, manufactured by A.J Grant, has been designed around an equestrian theme, creating an eyecatching entrance way, fitting for a local farm and stables near Mosgiel. This &nbsp;curved top gate features an oversized horse shoe in the centre, encompassing decorative pickets and a criss cross&nbsp;design along the bottom.<br /> <br /> Manufactured from high grade steel,this gate is&nbsp;hot dipped galvanised providing a coating to the gate that is tough and resilient, giving a very long life and is powdercoated Matt Black.<br /> <br /> This gate is fully automated, it slides open and shut and has controlled entry with two remote controls using high quality Italian motors and accessories.&nbsp;</p>1516705200 Wrought Iron Gate with an Equestrian theme. Merry Christmas from the team at A.J Grant<p>The team at A.J Grant would like to thank you for your business throughout the year and take the time to wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you again soon.<br /> <br /> Our Office will be closed from the 22nd of December 2017 and re opening again on the 15th of January 2018.<br /> <br /> Best wishes from the Team at A.J Grant!</p>1512039600 Christmas from the team at A.J Grant IRONGEAR by A.J Grant, see the experts in Gate Automation<p>IRONGEAR by <em>A.J Grant</em> are experts in gate automation and can advise the best automated system&nbsp; for your situation,making&nbsp;your property secure along with easy access. Automated options range from swinging, sliding and cantilevered. Designs range from&nbsp;classic styles through to modern but also the simplest&nbsp;designs, to keep&nbsp;the price within your&nbsp;budget.</p> <p>In previous years, <a href="">automated gates</a> were often seen&nbsp;on high end properties but over time, have become more affordable. IRONGEAR <em>by A.J Grant</em> automatic gates stand out, not only in design and workmanship but the motors we use are Italian branded, which are products we stand by. They are tried and tested proven to be trouble free for a very long time<br /> <br /> Gates can be done in stages. We can make and install the gates and then automation can come at a later date. When building a new house, it is a good idea to be thinking about your gate early on, when power cables can be laid in preparation for future automated wrought iron gates. This saves a lot of money when power is already available up to the proposed gate.<br /> <br /> Once we have been on site and made an assessment we can work through a design with you and then supply you with a written quotation. We not only install in Dunedin but the wider&nbsp;Otago area. Contact IRONGEAR by <em>A.J Grant</em> today.</p>1511953200 by A.J Grant, see the experts in Gate Automation Beautifully handcrafted wrought iron Planter Stand.<p>Wrought iron is a great medium&nbsp;for&nbsp;garden accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces.<br /> IRONGEAR by A.J Grant have manufactured a decorative wrought iron planter stand to house a rose in a ceramic pot.&nbsp;The planter has been beautifully handcrafted with&nbsp;elegant scrolls and&nbsp;metal roses, creating a decorative and sturdy planter, powder coated for lasting durability.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1501502400 handcrafted wrought iron Planter Stand.