Beautifully handcrafted wrought iron Planter Stand.

Wrought iron is a great medium for garden accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces.
IRONGEAR by A.J Grant have manufactured a decorative wrought iron planter stand to house a rose in a ceramic pot. The planter has been beautifully handcrafted with elegant scrolls and metal roses, creating a decorative and sturdy planter, powder coated for lasting durability.

Order a handrail by A.J Grant and help prevent a major fall.

Order a handrail, manufactured and installed by A.J Grant and help prevent a major fall.

Winter has arrived and the weather is getting chillier, with lots of icy morning starts. Give yourself confidence by ordering a custom made handrail by A.J Grant, to help prevent slipping or falling while ascending or descending slippery paths and stairways.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant manufacture and install galvanised pipe handrails. They are manufactured to the highest standard and are custom made for each situation. We also manufacture decorative wrought iron handrails to add a touch of style to your entrance way. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant handrails can be powdercoated to the colour of your choice.

Give yourself or family members reassurance by ordering an IRONGEAR by A.J Grant handrail today.


Order your customised Fireguard for Winter.

Order your customised Fireguard for Winter, manufactured by A.J Grant.

With the cold setting in, its the perfect time to purchase a customised Fireguard by A.J Grant to keep those little fingers away from the extreme heat produced from your fire or heating applicance.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant have a proprietry Fireguard design which has proven to be very popular. They are a simple design that does not detract from the focal point of your Fire. There is a choice of our standard 80mm picket spacings or 50mm spacings. There is also an option of having a gate to make access easier. The fireguard is powdercoated Matt Black but can be a different colour by request. See our Fireguard template for the measurements we need.

Our Fireguards are a suitable surround for Open Fires, Gas Fires, Pellet Fires, Log Burners and more. Come in to our showroom and see our Fireguard on display.


IRONGEAR by A.J Grant are experts in Recreating Classic Historic Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant are experts in recreating Classic historic wrought iron gates and fencing.

Recently we have been asked to recreate a replica historic gate for a Terraced house which is one of 6 identical individual houses in Dunedin, conjoined in a row. These dwellings all have identical wrought iron gates and fencing along the frontage, the properties probably dating back to the early 19th century.

The gate from this property was stolen a few years ago. The clients request was to create a new pathway gate that replicated the classic wrought iron gates on the neighbouring properties. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant handcrafted the frame of the gates, pickets and scrolls, closely matching the design of the exisiting gates. Completing the look by removing a spear head from gate next door, creating a prototype and reproducing the same spear head design, which was characteristic of the era, adding the final touches to this stunning creation.

A popular style of Fencing by A.J Grant manufactured from galvanised tubular steel, with a powder coated finish in satin black.

This smart looking fence is designed, manufactured and installed by A.J Grant.
It's made from light weight galvanised hollow tube and powdercoated satin black.
IRON GEAR by A.J Grant fencing is custom made to suit the site.

Tubular steel fencing is light, yet strong. It is built to last and a great way to enhance your property as well as keeping your children and animals safe along with security against intruders.

Contact A.J Grant today for a quotation.

Galvanised steel Clotheslines manufactured by A.J Grant in Dunedin, can be shipped to most places around New Zealand

Irongear by A.J Grant Clotheslines are made from non-rust, galvanised steel and are known to be one of the strongest rotary clotheslines available on the New Zealand market.

Our Rotary Clotheslines are kitset and come in three different sizes. A roll of galvanised steel wire is included, along with installation instructions. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant also manufacture the "T-Post" 5 line Clothesline which includes two T-Post's, which are then wired together with galvanised steel wire.

IRONGEAR clotheslines come in a galvanised finish but we offer a powdercoated paint finish as an optional extra. Our clotheslines are built to stand up to the elements and particularly suitable for high wind areas.

Purchasing a New Zealand made, IRONGEAR clothesline by A.J Grant, you know you are investing in a product that will stand the test of time.

Our Clotheslines can be sold and shipped almost anywhere in New Zealand.
We only install clotheslines in the greater Dunedin area.


A Merry Christmas from the team at A.J GRANT

The team at A.J Grant would like to thank you for your business throughout the year and take the time to wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Our Office will be closed from the 23rd of December 2016 and re opening on the 16th of January 2017.

The team at A.J Grant

Our Spiral Staircases made in Dunedin and distributed around New Zealand

Recently IRONGEAR by A.J Grant, have custom designed and manufactured Spiral Staircases to clients specifications and freighted these works of art creations to different ends of the country. 
One of our latest set of stairs was freighted in one piece to a place near Queenstown.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant, Spiral Staircase's can be custom made to order.They are generally made in one piece and can be transported, not only in the Otago area but throughout New Zealand.
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