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Galvanised Pipe Handrail

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant, manufacture and install galvanised pipe handrails for ascending or descending stairways, slippery paths and driveways. We often have people ordering handrails for their aging relatives or people with disabilities so that they have extra safety around the home.

IRONGEAR handrails, by A.J Grant are custom made for each situation and are made of robust materials. They have strong fixing points as we recognise they maybe subjected to some hefty pulls and sudden tugs in the course of their use. See our photos.

Decorative Handrails

IRONGEAR handrails by A.J Grant can be simple, right through to ornate, using a moulded steel handrail and finishing with flowing scrolls, adding a touch of style to your entrance way. 

Our  handrails are manufactured to the highest standard and constructed from steel, galvanised and powder coated to the colour of your choice. Give your yourself or family members reassurance by ordering an IRONGEAR handrail by A.J Grant and help prevent a major fall.

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